Fire Hose



Category Pump Type Engine Type
Industrial Multipurpose Gas 2-Stroke

Engine Power Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Maximum Head Dry Weight
0 0 0 0


HOTLINE® hose was designed in the 1980s to sustain the high-pressure of the MARK-3® pumps while enduring rugged environment conditions. It quickly became the most popular and trusted premium layflat forestry hose in North America. Its uncanny abrasion resistance makes it the champion of durability in the field. In fact, it is so resistant that HOTLINE® now has a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. HOTLINE® also has a high retrieval rate due to its renowned bright florescent yellow appearance, a result of its ENCAP® treatment, and was designed to sustain minimal friction loss. Despite its bright color, it is extremely cleanable after use in even the grittiest of conditions.

Construction: Circular bias woven, single jacket 100% virgin spun polyester.
Tube: Extruded T.P.U., a superior ozone and age resistant elastomer.
Length: MFG standard lengths up to 100’ (30,5 m).
Jacket treatment: ENCAP® encapsulation (yellow).



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