Fire Hose



Category Pump Type Engine Type
Industrial Multipurpose Gas 2-Stroke

Engine Power Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Maximum Head Dry Weight
0 0 0 0


Lightweight and compact, ECONOFLO™ has standard brass GHT fittings and is factory proof pressure test rated at 300 PSIG (2100 kPa). A 100% filament polyester, elastomer lined, single-jacket flat-woven hose; available in 3/4″ and 5/8″ (19 mm and 16 mm) sizes with yellow ENCAP™ or untreated. Designed for wildland applications, ECONOFLO™ can also be used for Hazardous Material operations and personnel decontamination. When used on or around asphalt or pavement, care must be taken to minimize damage by abrasion or pin-holing may occur. ECONOFLO™ options include a Pouch for belt wear and a compact Brass Nozzle. Its variety of exceptional features makes ECONOFLO™ a very popular hose.



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