Fire Hose



Category Pump Type Engine Type
Industrial Multipurpose Gas 2-Stroke

Engine Power Maximum Flow Maximum Pressure Maximum Head Dry Weight
0 0 0 0


Unique single jacket hose that handles like a lay-flat hose yet performs like a rigid reel hose. Durable, flexible and compact. Melts at 500oF (260oC) and burns at 550oF (288o). Aluminum fieldrepairable couplings available for 3/4” and 1” Reeltex®. These couplings are break apart and requires only an Allen wrench to assemble or disassemble.

Construction: Circular woven, single jacket 100% spun polyester, combined with a helical interior reinforcement.
Tube: Extruded T.P.U., a superior ozone and age resistant elastomer.
Length: MFG standard lengths up to 100’ (30.5 m).
?Jacket treatment: ENCAP® encapsulation (red only).



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